National MDCAT 2024 – Test Date, Pattern, Syllabus and Tips

Every year after the FSC examinations, students participate in another examination/ test conducted by PMDC. NMDCAT is mandatory for students seeking admission to a medical or dental college. A specific criterion is set to be on merit. The New Date of the National MDCAT 10th of September 2024

Every year, thousands of students participate in NMDCAT. Hardworking, intelligent, and lucky students gain admission to the university of their dreams while many of them with heavy hearts try their luck again and again.

NMDCAT is a national medical and dental college admission test, held each year by PMDC. The course outline is given by PMDC and the test conducted is from that outline only. It’s all false to say that the test involves some out of syllabus components.

Sometimes it happens, but not all the time. What if this happens, Grace marks are given to each student. So, do not worry Guys.

National MDCAT 2024

NMDCAT involves students across Pakistan. Students from each province can participate in NMDCAT. But before testing on a conducted date, they need to register their self for the attempt. NMDCAT 2024 is expected to take place 2-3 months after the FSC examination. The MDCAT Registration will start after the 2nd year Examination.

A time period of 2-3 months is provided to each student for their test preparation. You can join any reputed institute for your test preparation. If you want to study at home or any institute, buy the National MDCAT Book from stores and online.

Student preparing for mdcat 2024

Also, Check the Expert guidance on choosing the Best Book for MDCAT Preparation.

You can download the book in PDF form from the download link given below. This book is recommended by previous year’s toppers as it includes all the basic components from the main outline only.

NMDCAT 2024 Syllabus

The PMDC has announced the National MDCAT Syllabus. The first phase of MDCAT will start from 15 August to 30 August. The 12 Class Result 2022 is about to be announced after that the MDCAT Syllabus 2024 for the new students will be announced.

  •  Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Logical Reasoning

NMDCAT 2024 Paper Pattern

Of course, each test has its pattern. Earlier, it was being thought to conduct NMDCAT through an online platform via computer. No student should rush to their examination center for the entry tests. They should relax, sit at home and give their test. But, this idea didn’t work well.

That is why all participants at their allocated centers appear for the test. Roll number slip is given before the declared date. Your test center and roll number slip will be mentioned there.

A test paper of a total of 210 marks in MCQ form will be given having different sections from different subjects. They are given below.

Logical Reasoning10

Note: All candidates should strictly follow the syllabus given by PMDC. Read the syllabus carefully and try to cover each and every topic within time.

Time Duration

The total time given to complete the entry test is 3.5 hours means 210 minutes. You have to solve 210 multiple choice questions in 210 minutes. One minute for each MCQ.

Test Date 2024

The NMDCAT date 10th of September 2024. Soon after the FSC examination, officials will announce the decided date.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest news about NMDCAT.

Note: Check MDCAT 2024 Toppers

Purpose Of Logical Reasoning Questions In NMDCAT

The basic purpose of including logical reasoning in NMDCAT is to check the intellectual capability of a candidate. Logical reasoning also includes mathematical questions. A set of scenarios is given. After a thorough read, a candidate has to mark the correct answer regarding the above-given paragraph.

This portion is designed to check the cognitive ability of a person. How sharp his/her brain is when it comes to a sudden decision. To put it in simple words logical reasoning is a kind of IQ test used to check your problem solving ability.

NMDCAT Preparation Tips

Below given are some tips by the Toppers. Try to follow these tips.

  • Firstly, study your Text Book. Because you can gain whole knowledge from the textbook only. And then go for other preparation books. But first, master your own recommended book.
  • Make a timetable for each subject according to its needs.
  • Try to solve IQ-boosting questions for the logical reasoning part.
  • While preparing for the entry test in any institute, do not get depressed and confused by the quick answering skills of repeaters. And repeaters should also not depress them with their actions.
  • There is a hell of a difference between the FSC examination and the NMDCAT. Don’t be stressed. Stress will not help you ever in any field. Be confident and remember Allah.
  • Prepare according to PMDC syllabus Guidelines.
  • For extra-ordinary performance buy MDCAT Past Paper Book 2024 Edition.

Merit Calculation Percentage

  • 10% from the matric examination
  • 50% of FSC examination
  • 50% from NMDCAT

Students less than 65% can not apply for admission to medical and dental universities. Those with 70% marks can apply for their admission.


In this blog, our team has put up its best to inform you about NMDCAT by PMDC. Hopefully, you are now able to know what your test course outline is and from which book you have to study for remarkable success. Study hard and try your luck in this competitive exam. May Allah (S.W.T) grant success to each of you participating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NMDCAT difficult?

As NMDCAT is a competitive test, therefore it is difficult. But, once you go with your full confidence, preparation and hope in Allah then nothing is difficult.

What does NMDCAT stand for?

NMDCAT stands for National Medical and Dental College Admission Test.

Is the NMDCAT syllabus change every year?

PMDC has the right to announce the syllabus fluctuations. As per reports, it is the same as last year.

Which subjects are included in NMDCAT?

Subjects included in NMDCAT are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English. But some logical reasoning questions will be given to check your ability.

After passing NMDCAT, one can apply for how many institutes?

You can apply to more than 150 medical and dental universities after you are on merit.

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