PMDC Bill is Now Fully Operational

The Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) has been restored to its previous status by the federal government following the approval of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Act, 2022 by the President of Pakistan. This act, which was passed by parliament, aims to establish a uniform minimum standard for basic and higher qualifications in the fields of medicine and dentistry.

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As a result, the PMDC bill is now fully operational and all matters related to the PMDC will be guided by the guidelines outlined in the act. It is worth mentioning that the bill was initially passed by the Joint Session of Parliament on December 20, 2022, but was sent back to the President for further amendments before being signed into law.

The council’s spokesperson announced that with the official signing of the gazette notification, the PMDC bill is now fully functional and all matters of the PMDC will be handled in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the act.

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